Few Specifications of Kawai VPC1

The Kawai VPC1 88-key digital piano gives you amazing grand piano sound, advanced features, and a powerful stereo speaker system. Some of the reasons why you simply cannot miss this keyboard are its real piano sound and feel, onboard effects and processors, built-in recorder and the extensive song library. The instrument accomplishes its goal to play and feel like a full-sized manual piano with the help of its hammer action keys. Said that we do not have even the slightest of hesitations to strongly recommend this digital piano keyboard.

The Kawai range of digital pianos was of revolutionary design when they were first introduced, and they had won a popular following with their stylish design and realistic piano performance. Its ultralight weight body made it easily portable, and since the keys are fully weighed, they feel like an acoustic piano. It possesses an excellent speaker system that offers reasonably good piano sounds. These new models had an even better speaker system, very much near to realistic touch and had much better piano sounds. Few specifications of Kawai VPC1 are given below. For complete features and specification, you can visit Allpianos.com.

Compact and Elegant

The Kawai VPC1 Electronic Digital Piano has a unique design and an extremely elegant finish which was achieved by its two-toned cherry wood body material. It has is an integrated model with stand and pedals, and this model is equipped with a sliding keyboard cover that preserves the distinct stylish form of the piano even when the lid is left open. The piano has a built-in SD card slot and expanded song memory. The SD card slot supports the SD memory cards and supports cards of up to 1GB and cannot take cards of larger capacity.

Polyphonic sound

The polyphonic sound is at its best in the Kawai VPC1 digital piano. This very impressive instrument has 64 note polyphony. This means that at the same time a musician or any other user can play up to 64 notes at that very moment. And to help and assist this highly unique feature in working as desired, a sustain pedal is provided, which when depressed, the notes which are held start moving up towards the count of 64. Thus polyphony at its best in the Kawai VPC1 allows the user to compose even better and much more harmonious sequences.

Wide Range of Instrument Voices

The Kawai VPC1 sports a wide range of sampled instrument sounds. Users can find this feature very interesting and helpful as these stereo sampled sounds add to the realism and sound tones of the instrument, and users can enjoy fondling with all these various instruments sounds to find the perfect one for their sequence.

So, these are a few important specifications of Kawai VPC1.